Hotmail is what ?


Hotmail : is worlds first email application that brings an evolution and enables a common man to access email on the go without paying for anything.

Why only this ?

It offers an enthusiastic userinterface with lots of features with assurance of worlds leader company i.e. Microsoft. What you can be assure of here is security, trust and quality.

Outlook or Windows Live ?

What do you think ? Both are same lol! Microsoft acquired hotmail from Sabeer Bhatia and then changed its name and again to Windows live and now Outlook.

Features at a glance!

Uncountable! Experience yourself such as messenger, calender, storage, user interface and lots of more! One thing to remeber is that whatever you are getting now is not just, because at microsoft engineers are trying hard and hard continously to make it more better and introduce new features.


Wanna access the world of joy on your android, iphone, ipad or other device? Or wanna experminet what you can do with this incredible email service. Try these hotmail apps.

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